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Industrial Valves Manufacturing Firm

AMTECH is an valve manufacturing firm composed of a dynamic group of professionals committed to success... yours and ours. Our success is deeply rooted in our core values; values that focus on integrity and results.
Founded in 1985, AMTECH is a self-owned company offering comprehensive industrial valves for a variety of projects. As self-owned, we work hard because we know you work hard. We give you and your project the attention you expect, providing creative solutions and dependable results.
We are well positioned to deliver a full range of industrial valve for your industrial, commercial, or government agency projects. We work together with one goal in mind: exceeding your expectations time and again.
Our team can provide coordinated engineering, consulting, and design services spanning our specialty divisions. With comprehensive mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, and precast expertise, we've worked on projects of all sizes and for a wide range of industries.

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About Director!

AMTECH established by Mahendra Vinchhi who is a Mechanical Engineer and well experienced person, interested in R&D and tradition of generating innovative solutions for the application of waterworks distribution networks, sewage systems, effluent disposal, Power Plants Systems, fire protection, mining systems, Starch & Petro-Chemicals plants and farming irrigation systems. He has started AMTECH with a vision of manufactur wide range of superior quality Valves.

Why us?

  • An engineering Company skilled at delivering outside the box solutions to your industrial challenges.
  • A commitment to meeting the needs of our customers the first time, every time.
  • Friendly customer service professionals that know our products and can answer your questions.
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Our Skills

meet our team

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